Our human resources policy is to use our company culture of quality, honesty, respect, leadership and collaboration values to be a distinctive company in the sector that creates a difference, increases competitive activity and is a preferred company that has achieved sustainable success.

Employment and Assignment:

It is our priority objective to add value to our company with an efficient hiring process that ensures employment in line with the company goals and needs with the most suitable qualities. Employee candidates are interviewed by the human resources department and when necessary subjected to tests during the hiring process.

Wages and Social Benefits:

Our wage system is structured to take into account our employee’s education, experience and foreign language skills. Our employees are paid based on 12 salaries. We also have some positions that have a premium application. Our employees also have lunch meals, transportation expenses and a work place doctor available.

Career Planning and Development:

There is a performance evaluation system in place for all our employees. Our employees who create a distinction with their work are rewarded changes in position, promotions, transfers and opportunities to develop and advance their careers. Employees are encouraged to participate in the training, meetings and seminar of our brands and distributor companies and supported in terms of further developing the skills and competences that are needed for their job description.